Monday, March 14, 2011

Number 3.

Have you ever had that moment where, you walk into a room and the smell all of sudden takes you somewhere else? You can't put your finger on it but, you've smelled this smell before. Have you ever eaten something, that tastes SO similar to something else, that takes back to what your mom used to make? You can't put your finger on it, but it brings back all these memories of your dinner table. 

Have you ever heard a song that puts you back in the car, when you weren't old enough to drive, and your brother took you everywhere? This is the story of my life! That's why I've decided to make this playlist. Every song brings back a memory of someone else, some place else, and every time I hear each song I remember something significant in my life. The majority of them are very, very good memories. Memories of friends, of my siblings. Some are of my parents, and people I went to High School with. So many relationships I will never, ever forget.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Number 2.

Today is Saturday. I'm at school, and nothing super new has happened lately, except WE FINALLY GOT INTERNET! So glad. Mark was tired of not having internet, for some reason, and made it all happen. Being without Facebook for 4 months, I will admit, broke my habit. Haha, yes, how pathetic am I? I can spend all day on Facebook, but now I don't feel the need to keep checking for notifications. Maybe it's the OCD in me. I've had a Facebook for 4 years, I remember the day I got it haha. I was a Jr. in High School, and like no one knew about Facebook yet. Good times... Now everyone, and their dog has Facebook, which is a quite literal statement for some people ;) It's so interesting to realize how many people you've met, and how many people are in the world, and how many people actually have Facebook haha.

Okay, Holy Crap. Gas went up 9 cents yesterday, from morning to like 6:00pm it changed. What a pain. It's getting so bad. It used to only take like $30 to fill up my car and now it takes like $50 and it just keeps going up. We're all gonna be broke. Back in 2008, when I was driving my parents Ford F-150, it was taking $80 once a week to fill up that dumb truck, haha. I don't want it to get to that point, but it's almost there. The picture is from October 2008, and we're almost there again. I might cry... not really haha. But it could happen... ;) in the past 2 or 3 weeks gas has gone up almost $1.25 that's so fast :\ I wonder where it's gonna go from here... I hope everything works out well...

So in other news, I have like 2 months left before I graduate, and I'm SO happy about that. I only wish it was sooner. If anyone would like to come to my school and get anything done let me know, and I can get you the phone number so you can make an appointment. For the most part I don't really do anything all day, so appointments are much appreciated! I do laser hair removal, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, facials, back treatments, full body waxing, and a lot more! And I Would love for anyone to come see me :)

Well that's all for now.