Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting on Logan

WOW! Its been like 2 years since I posted last. haha
Shows you how much I enjoy blogging ;)
life got SUPER busy, I had a job for about 9 months from August 2011 to May 2012.
I worked at a spa in Lindon, but due to conflicts with my paychecks, and the owner I quit.

This caused somewhat of a dilema, because I was 3 months pregnant, and Mark was now self-employed. We had no consistent income... This put a damper on things, but we made it through. Mark's business has been very successful, he's only had 3 months since they opened where he hasn't been super busy with work. It has been nice to see him enjoying work everyday!

But,  on another note. I feel like writing my pregnancy story down. Not that anyone will overly enjoy it, but I might as well!
I found out I was pregnant on March 19, if I remember correctly. I had gone into my doctor exactly 7 days before, on a Monday, because I needed a physical. They asked me if I wanted a pregnancy test, and I said yes.

It was negative.

I wasn't super discouraged, we had only been trying to get pregnant since January. I went on with my life, feeling like the test was wrong, but feeling like that was just false hope.
I was supposed to start my period that Thursday, but then I didn't. But sometimes that would happen, my periods weren't SUPER consistant. They usually fell within the 4 week mark, so after 5 days of not having a period, I purchased a 2-pack pregnancy test.
It was my day off. I was going to go to lunch with my dad, and had to run some other errands. (I cannot tell you how many pregnancy test I have taken, I have lost count. But they had all been negative.) I went home and opened the test, and waited for the negative lines to appear. But they didn't!

It was positive!

I didn't know what to do. I started laughing, and smiling, and feeling like an idiot because I started talking to my dog. He was rather confused. I was supposed to go to lunch with my dad in like 20 mins, so I left the house, and thought of what to tell Mark.

For the past 2 years of our marriage I would text him randomly, "What would you do if I was pregnant." and he'd always answer, "You'd be pregnant." or "I guess we'd have a baby." So I decided to text him. I asked, "If I found out I was pregnant, would you want me to call you right away, or wait til you got home to tell you?" thinking he would just text back his opinion on the matter, he responded, "Well are you?"
By then I knew I had to call him, so I did. I was driving to lunch, and I told him the test was positive. He sounded so worried! "Are you sure?" he kept asking. "Did you read it right?" Yes, yes, yes. I knew it was right. "Maybe you should take another one." He said. So I told him I would when I got home from lunch.

I sat at lunch, bouncing my leg, knowing I couldn't say a word to my dad! Thoughts of a baby being in my body, racing through my head! I was so excited! Although Mark seemed worried, it didn't bother me. I knew he would be excited later. I went home after lunch and took the second test.

I sent this picture to Mark and said, "They look pretty positive to me. ;)"

After that it all got very interesting. We didn't want to tell anyone right away, so I found a doctor on my own, made some appointments, and got things going. I went to Panda Express by myself a week later, and got this fortune, I thought it was appropriate.

My due date was set for November 17, 2012. (I knew that was incorrect, because I knew the day I had gotten pregnant.) We decided after a week or so to tell our parents. I was 6 weeks pregnant, and things were just dandy:)

We told Mark's parents first. They were excited.
Then I told my mom when I went to visit her at work the next day:) I will never forget the look on her face. "Really?" she said, her eyes wide, and her face reddening. Her smile grew, and grew. It was so fun to see her react. I went back to my parents house so I could tell my dad. I went back to his room with him, and told him. He asked when I would have the baby, "November." I said. "On my birthday?" He asked with a goofy grin. I loved seeing my parents reactions:) It really made me so excited!

Mark's sister Jamie was on her mission at the time, so we decided we would wait to tell the rest of our family when she came home. She came home in May, and over the next few months it was so hard to keep it a secret! Over that time, we decided we wouldn't put anything on Facebook until the day our baby was born, just for fun! I didn't think we would make it...

Once Jamie came home, I was around 10 weeks along. We told Mark's family, and they were shocked! It was exciting! Then we went over to my parents' house, and told my family. My brother Corey wasn't there, so I had him on speaker phone. My sister Heather came through the garage door and saw us sitting there waiting, and her eyes got huge! "They have something to tell us." My mom said. She bolted back to her bedroom, and put all of her stuff away, and came bolting back! I had never seen her move that fast. The whole time she was squealing, and clapping. She sat on the floor, with her legs out long, waving her feet back and forth. Then it was silent.
"I'm pregnant." I said. Heather screamed! My brother Ethan was shocked, "Really??" He said. Corey didn't hear everything very well, so I took him off speaker phone and told him again. "No you're not." he said sarcastically. It was very fun to see everyone get so excited!

Time flew by after that, I was already 5 months pregnant in no time! After that things really slowed down. I had 2 ultrasounds, my first on was at 11 weeks, to see how things were going. My baby looked like a little peanut with arms and legs. It was moving so much! I couldn't believe I couldn't feel anything!

They measured him at 11 weeks, and moved my due date to November 24, 2012. I was so excited!

At my second ultrasound, we got to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. 
I had pictures showing all of his parts, but I lost all of them. I was really sad. I took pictures of two of them and have them on my phone. Thank goodness for technology!
He was much bigger now, and had all his baby parts! It was so fun to see! I could feel him moving all the time now, and watching it on the screen was so fun!

It was a waiting game after that. After I hit about 6 months, things started to slow down, and I just kept getting bigger! I didn't get very big, but I felt huge! It was fun being pregnant, and a good experience. My labor & delivery story is next! Stay tuned...

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